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The Galactic Federation of Free Alliances, also known as the New Republic, Galactic Alliance, Federal Galactic Republic or simply Alliance, is one of the major factions in Star Wars: Legacies of the Galaxy. Originally formed as the Rebel Alliance, it became known as the New Republic after replacing the Galactic Empire following the Battle of Endor. Following the defeat of Emperor Palpatine, the Republic and the Empire signed a peace treaty that ended the Galactic Civil War. In the following years, the Republic battled against various Imperial splinter factions, such as the First Order. During the Yuuzhan Vong invasion of the galaxy, the New Republic reorganized itself into a more federal state known as the Galactic Alliance.

After the Vong defeat, the Alliance fought once more with the First Order before defeating the enemy government with the help of the Imperial Remnant. As the Empire slowly grew in power further, the Alliance remained the primary government of the Galaxy, headed on the historical galactic capital Coruscant. While more benevolent than the Empire's original incarnation, the Alliance is plagued with corrupt politicians and struggles against upstart secessionist movements. Galactic Alliance society is mostly similar to the original Galactic Republic, but most members of the Senate attempt to avoid the corruption that plagued their predecessor during the Clone Wars. The New Jedi Order, despite being a seperate entity, is allied with the Alliance government.

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