"There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force."

- The Jedi Code.

The Jedi are a class players can choose from in Star Wars: Legacies of the Galaxy. As per Star Wars tradition, Jedi are capable of utilizing the Force for abilities in both the story and game. While most Jedi are affiliated with the New Jedi Order, various other factions can contain a Jedi as a member, such as the Galactic Alliance or other player-made organizations. 

Light Side and Grey JediEdit

Most followers of the Jedi religion follow the light side of the Force and obey the Jedi Code. As such, the primary Jedi organizaation is the New Jedi Order, created following the defeat of Darth Sidious and the Galactic Civil War. However, splinter factions and seperate organizations have deicated themselves to the studies of the Force or the Jedi Code while not belonging to the same group. One of the most famous groups of these are the Imperial Knights, Force-sensitive bodyguards and peacekeepers in service of the Fel Empire. Many of these indivisduals are dubbed "Grey Jedi", for their refusal to follow the Jedi High Council or for attempting to balance the light and dark sides.

Jedi RanksEdit

  • Jedi Padawan: A Jedi in training.
  • Jedi Knight: A Jedi who passed the Jedi Trials.
  • Jedi Master: A Jedi who has mastered the arts of the Force.
  • Jedi Grand Master: Leader of the Jedi Order.

Imperial Knight RanksEdit

  • Imperial Knight Initiate: Training Knight.
  • Imperial Knight: Fully-trained Knight.
  • Imperial Master: High ranking Knight.
  • Emperor: While not an official rank, current Emperors are required to have Imperial Knight training.

Dark JediEdit

Dark Jedi are Force-users who follow the dark sid of the Force. While many utilise red lightsabers, most are not Sith and are instead independent. The title can refer to fallen Jedi or individuals who use the Force on this path.


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The Sith are an order of dark siders who follow the Sith code. Most Sith are currently believed to be extinct, but there are several Sith artifacts scattered around the Galaxy.

Sith RanksEdit

  • Sith apprentice: A Sith in training.
  • Sith Saber: Equal to a Jedi Knight.
  • Sith Lord: A high ranking Sith.
  • Dark Lord of the Sith: Leader of the Sith Order.
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