Star Wars: Legacies of the Galaxy Wiki

For players, Star Wars: Legacies of the Galaxy is meant to be a recreational fan-made game between different Star Wars fans of all types. However, there are certain rules that must be applied in order to play the game properly and to ensure all players enjoy it in a civilized manner.

Community Rules[]

  • Respect the characters and concepts of other users, as well as the users themselves. Do not harass anyone for any reason.
  • Have fun with the story.
  • Please keep everything PG-13 at most. No explicit sexual content or excessive violence and gore without a form of censor.
  • Please be respectful to the staff. Any ideas for the main storyline can be brought up to them.

Game and Storyline Rules[]

  • Players are allowed to choose between various factions in the Galaxy. This includes the Galactic Alliance, Galactic Empire, Emijar Kingdom, New Jedi Order and other third party factions that exist in-universe or can be created by the players. However, factions disbanded by the timeframe of the story (81 ABY) are not playable; examples including the Old Republic, Ancient Sith Empires, Eternal EmpireSeparatist Alliance/Confederacy of Independant Systems, First Order  or Rebel Alliance. However, a faction taking inspiration from either of these is allowed and encouraged to be created by players, as long as it does not expand heavily into galactic affairs.
  • Players are encouraged to branch out into their own storylines, but are not allowed to interfere with the main storyline of the game. For this reason, the game's story is left sparse and generic; at least for the time being. 
  • Player-made factions must be discussed in forum post before being created. Likewise, they are not allowed to serve as major influences in galactic politics or affairs. This is due to the current conflict being set up between the Alliance, Empire and Emijar. That said, player factions are allowed to take advantage of current events to set up political power and credibility. 
  • Superweapons are allowed, but not heavily encouraged due to the overpowered nature they have.
  • Players are allowed to utilize whatever weapons, ships and armor they can find. Please do not make any too overpowered.
  • Do not cross over different franchises with the storyline. However, similar characters and concepts taking inspiration are allowed and encouraged. For example; while someone such as Thanos, Doctor Who or Super Mario is NOT allowed, a character based upon them in the Star Wars setting is.